october 2020

outside the will of God, there is nothing i want.
inside the will of God, there is nothing i fear.

[aw tozer]

last week, i shared on instagram that we had our fourth miscarriage in two years. i don’t really have much else to say about it right now, but thank you for every prayer, text, + all the love. we have felt His peace + comfort these past few weeks.

here are some other happenings as of late:

  • i just finished “american royals”. i didn’t expect to love the book as much as i did, but it was such a cute, fun read. i just started “nine perfect strangers”.*

  • i have been getting the bougiest drink at starbucks lately. i order a venti iced chai latte, one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup, topped with pumpkin cold foam. (a mouthful, but OMG, so good.)

  • if you are looking for a newsletter that sums up current events with a christian perspective, subscribe to the pour over. rage-induced, anxiety-triggering propaganda not included.

  • i purchased this gratitude journal. lately i have really been fighting against discontentment. i know the root cause of these feelings, but i refuse to have this mindset. so i bought this journal as a daily practice of listing + writing the good things. it has been so, so fun! it’s not a christian journal (when i saw it has “affirmations”, i rolled my eyes HARD.), but the premise still works. it has one section for the morning + the other page is for the evening. i have only been using it for a week, but i truly believe it’s making a difference.

  • i also purchased this milk frother, and it’s perfect for all the fall + winter drinks.

  • i finished my study of the book of james + now i’m on to colossians. i am going verse by verse, and using this website as a sort of guide/reference because, say it with me, CONTEXT MATTERS.

  • we carved pumpkins + it is going to be one of my favorite family traditions.

in my first newsletter, i mentioned that i wasn’t sure if this would be a weekly or monthly newsletter, but it’s safe to say that (for now) it will be published monthly. also- there is an option to comment on these newsletters! you can find it at the bottom of this email.

have a great weekend, friends. :)

* these are affiliate links.