bible study + a puppy + audiobooks

after years of lackluster bible study, i made a drastic change last month: i started waking up 45 minutes early to start my day in the Word. i was trying to fit time in my evenings to study scripture, and i realized that if i have to fit Jesus into my schedule, i need to reevaluate my priorities. this change has had a noticeable effect* on my everyday life, and i am so grateful for this renewed desire to get in the Word before my day starts.

i started out using this plan from youversion. this week, however, i have stopped studying it in chucks of scripture and started taking it verse by verse. i have to remind myself that there is no finish line in studying God’s Word; it will always have something to teach me about who God is.


we got a new puppy! her name is luna, and she is a golden retriever. jared has been wanting a golden puppy for years, and this was such a good deal that we could not pass it up. so far, she’s great. (i say “so far” because she’s a puppy. i know it’s inevitable that something is going to get chewed up or destroyed.) jackson is slightly terrified of her, but once she stops jumping all over him, i know they are going to be best buds.

• i started a puzzle. it has been a couple months since i sat down to work on one. i love having a large dining room table to sit at while drinking cold brew + working on puzzles. it’s the little things.

• i finished “the current” by tim johnston. solid four stars**. so far in 2020, i have read 21 books. all of them have been audiobooks, which is kinda crazy. i used to be in the camp of “only physical books!” and then i had jackson, and my kindle became my BFF. then i realized i can listen to audiobooks while doing just about anything, and now i basically only listen to books on audio. my reading life definitely reflects the seasons of life i am in at any given time.

• we are leaving for colorado on saturday. this vacation was supposed to happen in the spring, but . . . you know- global pandemic + such. i am very excited about rest + exploring + enjoying time with my boys.

that’s about it for this week. i am still trying to figure out the format for the newsletter + how i want to share + all the little things. thanks for signing up, friends. whether we know each other in real life or we’ve been internet friends for a period of time, i am grateful for the ways we can connect online.

have a great weekend!

* i pride myself on knowing the difference between affect + effect, but for the life of me, i could not figure it out in this instance.
** there are affiliate links here. i am required to say it, even if i’ve only made $10 in the five years i’ve been using amazon affiliate links. :)