one week, the temperatures plummeted below zero with a wind chill of almost -30. our church closed + jackson didn’t have school. and then the next week? the weather was eighty degrees warmer. EIGHTY. midwest weather is something else, y’all.

i am one of those people who gets a gift card, and then hoards it for a long time. i don’t mean a couple months. i mean years. there is currently an AE gift card in my wallet that has about $30 left on it. i received it christmas of 2016, i believe.

i have candles that smell divine, but i don’t burn them because they’re limited edition.

most of the clothes in my closet are on the brink of falling apart. we aren’t going to speak of the state of my undergarments because it’s so sad. i have a pair of boots that are close to ten years old with more than one hole. (i love them so much though!)

i had a realization this month: i hold on to things for far too long. be it clothes, candles, gift cards. but even more so, i carry things from the past for far too long: a comment made about an insecurity, a situation that didn’t work out the way i had hoped, fear of what others think of me, mistakes made, etc.

when confronted with this realization, i lamented for days. the things i was carrying had trickled into my everyday life, into my relationships, into my heart + mind. they defined me + it was like i had a pair of glasses through which i could only see those hurts + disappointments. but when i took the glasses of shame + guilt off, i saw color. i saw freedom. it is a process, but i am so grateful that God doesn’t just leave us in our messes. He restores.

now i’m off to spend a $50 amazon gift card that i have hoarded since christmas. :)



  • the february five. (this is a playlist of current songs on repeat that i’ll share in the newsletter each month.)

  • season four of the verity podcast has started. the first ep is about discernment vs a critical spirit. so good!

  • the newsworthy podcast. i used to listen to this podcast every morning, but needed a break from the news for a while. (like 10 months, ha!) erica delivers the daily news in 10 minutes or less. it’s enough of the news to keep me informed but not too much that i want to crawl in the fetal position.


  • wandavision on disney+. elizabeth olsen is my favorite olsen.

  • i finished the final season of criminal minds. why can’t they do a spin-off series with dr. reid, jj, & penelope? i would totally watch that!

  • the ‘framing britney spears’ doc on hulu. i’m not going to start making signs stating “free britney”, but it is clear that things should change.


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